John Paul Jones House

501 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia

501 Caroline Street Plaque

During a period of his youth, John Paul lived at 501 Caroline in Fredericksburg, Virginia with his brother, William.  John Paul Jones (July 6, 1747 — July 18, 1792) is buried at Annapolis and his brother William is buried in the St. George’s Cemetery in Fredericksburg.

The two photos below show a 1928 and 2011 view of the house where John Paul Jones lived with his brother, William.  When the first photo was taken it was the C&G Grocery Store and Caroline Street was called Main Street. The home is a private residence today.

1928 View of the John Paul Jones House
2011 View of the John Paul Jones House

The plaque below is located on the right corner of the home. See the photos above.

1910 John Paul Jones House Plaque

At 28 John Paul was forced to flee to Virginia to escape charges of murdering a mutinous John Jones Headstone Fredericksburg VAcrew member and changed his name to avoid being found. No one really knows why John Paul selected  “Jones” for his last name. However, it is interesting to note that there is a John Jones headstone dated 1752 within thirty feet of his brother William’s gave in the St. George’s Cemetery in Fredericksburg. Maybe seeing the John Jones name on this headstone inspired him to choose “Jones” as his last name.

John Paul Jones 1947 First Day Cover