Getting Reflections from Literal Works

literal works can be used to educate society. Through books, poems, genres and lyrics, people are able to give and get a reflection of what is happening in society. Many people may be unable to be to present themselves and explain to everyone everywhere on what is in their minds but instead they can use literal works to share their disappointments, joys and memories which they can sell expose throughout the world easily.

The greatest pieces of writing that have been done before have been sold with millions of copies going to various countries and continents in the world. Literal works go any distance explaining what is happening in other parts of the world and explaining the way of lives of several other. Many writers have used these pieces of work to explain what they have gone through in life and how they intend to handle and better lives of the coming generation to ensure they do not go through the same ignorantly. Discrimination against writers and artistes in general have been rampant based on gender, race and many other baselines. We can now see what is happening to society and predict future trends and use literal works to enlighten and caution society to prepare. Even if the lives of authors and artistes are terminated, their works live on to generations making live of those generations better by reflecting on what used to happen in the past to prepare for the future.

Literal works have shown clearly how society has become dangerous by the practices of human beings that again turn to be harmful to their own existence. The greatest problem of society is sickness and it is these diseases such as cancer that have threatened the existence of the human race. Man has ensured he shortens his life by leading a careless life. Man has no time to do a check-up and see what is eating their health up leading to a great number of deaths.

Brain cancer is one of the pandemics that is eating away best minds making the world a solitary place. Industries and companies have emitted dangerous substances to the environment which has endangered the health of human beings in every aspect. More pieces of writing are ensuring proper counsel is given to guide man on the direction to take to protect their race. For this reason we need to invest more resources on the works of art and the health of man to ensure they live a better life.

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